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Charlotte Hornets at Indiana Pacers gamethread

Tonight's the night. Championship or bust.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are clearly in a must win situation tonight as they take on the Indiana Pacers. Lets be honest here. This is a must win. If the Hornets win this then they need to make t-shirts, and celebrate how incredible a moment it will be for the franchise. PRESEASON CHAMPIONSSSSS.

Meanwhile, on the other side, are an Indiana Pacers team attempting to ruin history. Don't let their attempts to play backups, or get rid of all the big men from their roster, fool you. This is a dangerous foe that would celebrate right there in front of, one, two, three...a few hundred or so fans! Preseason basketball baby! We live for this!

In all seriousness though. The game doesn't matter all that much, but it would be cool to have a little bit of a fun if the Hornets do somehow finish the preseason undefeated. Maybe this will be a good jumping point for them into the regular season?

The next time one of these gamethreads is written. It will be for real basketball. We made it!