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Charlotte Hornets top five links of the week!

Another week. Another batch of Hornets' links from all around the web!

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

First up, Rick Bonnell over at the Charlotte Observer gave a good breakdown of the candidates for the Hornet's final roster spot. Elliot Williams, Damien Wilkins, and Aaron Harrison are all fighting for the final spot. The injury to Michael-Kidd Gilchrist may have helped Damien Wilkins chances' due to a need for bodies at small forward. Aaron Harrison and Elliot Williams don't have the experience on their side.

Next up, Scott Fowler examined how Jeremy Lin is a better fit for playing beside Kemba Walker than Lance Stephenson was. Lin brings a good pick-and-roll play style that gels well with the attacking style of Kemba Walker. Jeremy Lin brings playmaking and three point shooting to a team that is really going to need it this season. If his play continues this way it can be a big factor for this Hornets' season.

Third, it's obvious that Nicolas Batum is going to need to have an excellent year if the Hornets are looking to accomplish anything. Phillip Rossman-Reich from Hardwood Paroxysm wrote about how important Batum is going to be. Batum has already had a solid preseason and he's looking to build from there. An aggressive playmaker is what this team could use and Batum could easily fill that role. Frankly this is going to be a make or break year for Batum and I think he knows it.

Fourth, ESPN'S 538 gave player projections with it's new CARMELO projection system. I don't want to spoil too much but multiple players are compared to James Posey and it's not very pretty. The Cody Zeller comparisons are a bit brutal and there's a sighting of a familiar face from franchise past. The key stats and percentiles are also very interesting as well.

Finally, some non-basketball related Hornets news. Nicolas Batum is selling his home in Lake Oswego, Oregon and it's certainly impressive. For just $2.5 million you can live like an NBA player. The house is 6,800 square feet and has five bedrooms. From the picture the house is absolutely beautiful. I hope Batum gets a home just as nice in Charlotte and decides to stay for a while.