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Charlotte Hornets pick Greensboro for D-League franchise

The Charlotte Hornets have finally picked a location for their D-League franchise.

Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

It's been about a year or so since the Charlotte Hornets announced that they will be adding a D-League franchise to the North Carolina-South Carolina area. Today, we now know where specifically that team will be. Per Greensboro News and Record, the Hornets have decided to place the new franchise in Greensboro.

This decision to finally place the D-League franchise ends a long process that featured many cities, but more importantly it's the first step taken towards Charlotte joining the modern NBA by gaining their own D-League affiliate. The majority of the NBA is heading in this direction, and it's very likely that every franchise will have their own affiliate within the next five to ten years if not sooner. Considering the only independent D-League franchise left, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, have now become an affiliate of the Pacers we can only assume that teams are scrambling to get their own franchises so they can control the future development of their franchise.

As for the Hornets, now that they have a location the process of building and branding the franchise begin. Per Rick Bonnell, the team will begin play in 2016 giving them a year to build up a front office, coaching staff, and decide on a name for the team.

Having a D-League franchise is going to be great for the Hornets. Over the last couple years they've shown a willingness to call up players midseason, and give them a chance to provide some depth. With their own franchise the Hornets will not only be able to continue using those call ups, but they'll have a fuller understanding of how those players have been developed. They will also be able to start signing more undrafted rookies, or former second round picks that didn't make teams, and give them an opportunity to develop with them.