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Charlotte Hornets first game overreactions

What's the proper response to losing the first game of the season? OVERREACT TO THAT ISH.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets opened the season last night against the Miami Heat. The Hornets lost their opening game, and now the season is over. They're clearly going to miss the playoffs, because the offense is horrible with an inconsistent defense, and wow how have they not fired Steve Clifford yet? It's just ridiculous that after one game this team can't see that this team is screwed. Oh and that Frank Kaminsky pick? Garbage. Did you SEE the Justise Winslow vine?

UGH. That's five points right there, and it's the greatest five points any rookie has ever scored. Meanwhile, Kaminsky is playing behind Spencer Hawes and Cody Zeller cause this team just loves their white big men. They love them so much that Charlotte only played Al Jefferson for eight minutes in the second quarter. No wonder they loss. This team sucks.

The good thing is the fans know where I'm coming from on this, and they weren't egged on in any way.

Nope. Not egged on at all.

Yeah we said it. Why not bring back the Bobcats? Ever since Charlotte became the Hornets again they've yet to make the playoffs. Do you know how many playoff appearances the Bobcats had? TWO. They also had so much more heart, and really gave a crap out there. The Hornets? None what so ever. No craps. #BringBackTheBobcats

Yep. One game is all I needed to see to know that Steve Clifford is nothing more than a mediocre coach that can't take his team to the promised land. Does he even know what an offense looks like? I don't think he does, because Charlotte makes scoring more painful than passing a kidney stone.

Alright NOW we're getting somewhere. Enough of this sitting around complaining stuff. Lets figure out the problem here, and that problem is clearly that the Hornets are not practicing the right stuff. Instead of practicing how to lose, have they ever thought about practicing how to win?

Ugh, no progress at all. This team's just running in place.

You know what these tweets have in common? It exposes Kaminsky for the bust he is. WHY DIDN'T YOU GET A VINE, FRANK!?

TOO FAR! THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR! End the experiment! It doesn't matter how bad the Hornets play on opening night. It's never that bad.