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Charlotte Hornets at Orlando Magic preview

Actual basketball games are tipping off once again! The Charlotte Hornets take on the Orlando Magic.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Charlotte Hornets basketball is back baby! Tonight, in  preseason matchup for the ages, the Hornets hit the road to take on the Orlando Magic. The crowd will surely be electric for a grand total of five minutes until the starters come out, and play sparingly for the rest of the game in an exhibition. The game will be ugly, painful, and at times outright offensive towards common decency, but it will be basketball. Isn't that what we all wanted?

The Hornets enter tonight's contest with an overhauled roster full of fresh new faces mixed in with some old ones. They'll also be trying out a new starting lineup with Nicolas Batum. An exhibition game is exactly what this team needs to try out their players in a real game situation without any real risk. Look for Charlotte to get creative with lineups, try out some potential rotations, and expect a lot of miscues.

Orlando on the other hand is entering this year with continuity. Their roster remains largely unchanged from last season outside of a couple role players here and there, but they have a new coach in Scott Skiles, with another year of experience under the belt of this incredibly young roster. The Magic will be looking to implement Skiles new schemes in an actual game setting while figuring out kinks. This is a team with playoff hopes, just like the Hornets, but they might still be too young to get there.

The two groups going at each other likely have different goals they'll be trying to accomplish. The Hornets just want to figure out who should be playing with who, and getting people familiar with each other, while the Magic are attempting to add polish to an almost completed process. This is also the first bit of "competitive" basketball these two have played since April so expect it to get ugly.

(Preseason is not always broadcasted on TV. This info is used assuming that these games will be.)

When: 7 p.m. EST

Where: Amway Center, Orlando, FL

TV: Charlotte: Fox Sports Southeast
Orlando: Fox Sports Florida