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Cody Zeller and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad first game

The young forward wrote about his first game with the Charlotte Hornets, and it can be used as a 'what not to do' guide for rookies from this point forward.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Zeller the writer has returned! Just over four months from his classic awkward first phone call with Michael Jordan tale, Zeller has returned to the Players Tribune to reminisce over his first time taking the floor for a NBA game — and give lessons on rookies on what not to do the day of your NBA debut.

The story reads like a familiar script — after having his life regulated and organized for numerous years is given the freedom to do whatever he wants. And fails miserably.

His lunch was a "sad sandwich" from Subway by himself in his hotel room in Asheville, his pregame routine finished 90 minutes before tipoff, leaving him to nervously listen to music so quietly he could barely hear it, while he munched on popcorn and PowerBars for a pregame meal.

To top it all off, he was that poor guy by himself at the center circle for close to 90 seconds as he waited for the rest of his teammates to finish their pregame routines.

You read through the article and all you can think is, "Aww, poor Cody."

We can all relate to Cody's story — it is much like your first day at a new school or a new office for work. He is that awkward person who stands in the middle of every conversation like this.

It's alright Cody. We still love you and your awkward ways.