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Saturday Sit-Down: Chris Barnewall is holding out hope for the Charlotte Hornets

Can the Hornets regroup in time for Sunday's rematch against the Atlanta Hawks in Charlotte?

Next Saturday, November 7th, we're going to be live at Fitzgerald's Pub in Uptown Charlotte starting at 6:30pm. It's part of Bring Back the Buzz's Charlotte vs. Everybody event. Learn more here and come see us do our thing live, in the flesh.

Chris Barnewall joins us this weekend for a cliff notes version AND and in-depth breakdown of what's troubling the Charlotte Hornets early in the season and what could easily have them back in the win column on Sunday.


  • We discuss the Kemba WalkerJeremy Lin combination
  • Should you be concerned with Frank Kaminsky's limited minutes?
  • I theorize why P.J. Hairston has been starting alongside Nicolas Batum and it has nothing to do with three point shooting.

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