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Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat GameThread

It's watchable, guys! It's actually watchable.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It feels great to be able to post GameThreads again. Welcome back, At The Hive.

The Charlotte Hornets are in Florida tonight taking on the Miami Heat. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is out after dislocating his shoulder in a win against the Orlando Magic last night, but this game will still be our first look at what the new-look Hornets have to offer.

By the way, MKG is getting an MRI in Charlotte tomorrow. It doesn't sound serious, but chances are he'll be out for a bit.

Normally I'd talk about how important it is for Charlotte to get a win tonight, but it doesn't matter. This is preseason. Coaches are trying to figure out lineups and players are testing out new skills and developing chemistry. That's really all this is.

I'm eager to see how Nicolas Batum and Jeremy Lin affect the team's ball movement, though. From what I saw on, they were crucial to the team tallying 30 assists last night. And, oddly enough, Kemba Walker had eight assists of his own. Maybe he was being asked to do too much in years past.

But hey, it's preseason.

Game starts at 6 p.m., and can be watched on Sun Sports or NBA League Pass. Though I could be wrong on that. To my understanding, tonight's game is free to watch there. We'll see.

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