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Who and why is Damien Wilkins?

The Charlotte Hornets signed journeyman swingman Damien Wilkins earlier this week. Aside from projecting to be a bench player, what else can we say we know about him?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after news broke that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was out for the season, the team announced the signing of 35 year old forward Damien Wilkins.

Now, you may have a passing familiarity with Wilkins. Perhaps the most notable thing about Wilkins is his relation to Gerald and Dominique Wilkins. Beyond that, Wilkins split his four years in college at North Carolina State University and Georgia State University before turning pro in 2004. From there, Wilkins signed with Seattle after going undrafted, and stuck with the team until 2009 when he left for Minnesota. After one year in Minnesota, Wilkins played one year each with Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Since leaving the Hawks in 2013, Wilkins has been playing internationally.

The last time Wilkins played in the NBA, with Philadelphia, Wilkins played arguably his best all-around season. Wilkins became a corner shooting threat, making 41.7 percent of his shots from there in 2013. Though that clip is so far above his career average of 33.5 percent on corner threes that it's hard to trust it. Aside from that, Wilkins averaged 12.8 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 3.0 assists per 36 minutes on 45.9 percent shooting.

In all reality, you shouldn't expect Wilkins to be a player that stretches the floor. His two most frequent ranges his career shots have come from are from 0-3 feet and 16 feet out to the three-point line. Yet, on long twos, Wilkins is just a 37.7 percent shooter, compared to a 61.1 shooter within three feet of the basket.

And while this is impacted by his teammates, Wilkins has never posted a defensive rating below 107, which is terrible considering 100 is the average.

Overall, Wilkins is fine. OK even. I mean, this is a player that has averaged 19.3 minutes per game, and he's two years older than when we last saw him. Damien Wilkins isn't a player that's going to push the needle one way or the other, but can hopefully come off the bench, pickup a couple assists, and knockdown a few shots. If anything, he provides a body to use should another injury affect the perimeter rotation.