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Hive Talk Live: Hornets survive the gauntlet, but not without bruises

At 2-4 after 6 can we finally start to express our feelings on these Hornets rotations?

The Charlotte Hornets got the shakedown late in San Antonio but still went punch for punch with them for more than a half. How much is the second unit to blame for the Spurs shooting streak? And can the Hornets use some much needed road rest to tackle a much improved Timberwolves team or will they meltdown in Minnesota?


  • LINK ME! We discuss the Hornets talk around the web.
  • Who will be getting that all important PT, playing time, by the time the all star break rolls around? Cody or Spencer? Lin or Lamb? Doug and David put on their prognosticating hats and discuss.
  • Nick's Picks with Nick Denning and a look at the week ahead in Hornets action.