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Charlotte Hornets at Chicago Bulls preview

Will the Charlotte Hornets be able to repeat last time's performance against the Chicago Bulls? Probably not.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Charlotte Hornets at Chicago Bulls

When: 8 p.m. EST

Where: United Center, Chicago, Illinois

TV: Fox Sports Southeast, CSN Chicago

Last time the Hornets played the Bulls it led to one of the biggest laughers in recent Charlotte history. The Hornets came out smoking hot from 3-point range, and finished the game shooting over 60 percent from the field from behind the arc. It was one of those cases where no matter who was shooting the ball it was going in the basket, and that had fans excited about the potential in this team.

Obviously, the Hornets haven't been able to repeat that kind of performance, but the general strategy of shooting 3-pointers has definitely stuck around for the long haul. Charlotte's new offensive identity has involved a lot of shots from deep, and it will be very interesting to see how Chicago will respond to that after the previous game's pounding.

The Bulls haven't gotten off to a start that they would consider excellent. They may have won five of their first eight games, but they haven't looked too great while doing so. There's concerns about Derrick Rose's ability to put an entire game together, and Pau Gasol has never looked older than he does right now. Joakim Noah isn't the same player that was getting MVP talk in 2013, and if it wasn't for Jimmy Butler this team would probably be in much bigger trouble than they are. Still, they have a winning record, and it's hard to not consider the Bulls one of the better teams in the east.

The Hornets on the other hand have won four of their last five, and have rebounded nicely from their rough start to the season. They managed to get the best case scenario out of their brutal opening schedule, and they'll be looking to reach the above .500 mark for the first time since opening night of last season.