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Charlotte Hornets links of opening week

Another batch of Hornets' links from all over the world wide web as the NBA season finally began!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Two pieces of news were reported involving the Charlotte Hornets this week, one nugget dropping late last night as ESPN reported that the organization and newly acquired guard Jeremy Lamb were close on a contract extension. The deadline for former first round picks to sign contract extensions is quickly approaching as Lamb and Charlotte will reportedly agree to a three-year $21 million deal.

Earlier in the week, on the day of the Hornets opener, Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a small profile of Hornets head coach Steve Clifford. The story includes quotes from Clifford as the piece focuses on his uncertain future in Charlotte and what it means to him moving forward. Wojnarowski also reports that league executives are closely watching his situation in Charlotte and how it unfolds as Clifford has impressed several decision-makers around the league. As a bonus, Wojnarowski includes some thoughts from Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker on their coach. There is also a cringing Lance Stephenson story in there too.

The Hornets obviously haven't began the season the way they hoped but a Saturday morning sit-down from our guys at Hive Talk Live tell you why there is still hope for this team.

Following the Hornets' second loss this week, the Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler jotted down 10 quick thoughts on the early season. Rookie Frank Kaminsky seems destined for more minutes in the coming weeks based on Fowler's observation and he includes a note on just about every player on the roster.

Fowler's teammate at the Charlotte Observer, the legendary Tom Sorensen, sorts through all of Charlotte's parts as he looks for the ingredients to Charlotte's first win this season.

In an in-depth piece with Sekou Smith of, global star Jeremy Lin reveals that he has curiously found an ideal locale in "low-key" Charlotte. Excerpts reveal the insane pressure Lin goes through as Kemba Walker noticed his teammate's vast popularity during the team's preseason trip to China. "We were talking about how some of us have cities on our backs that we represent," Walker said. "He's got a whole country, an entire part of the world, on his back. That's crazy to deal with. It was insane."