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Kemba Walker has plenty to say in Zach Lowe interview

The point guard talks everything from Big Al's fashion to his own (lack of) dunking ability to how the 7-59 season was fun(?!?).

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Kemba Walker has never been afraid of the spotlight. He was the face of UConn's national championship team that he led and has, more or less, been the face of Charlotte's basketball franchise since they drafted him. He's also always been one of the more talkative players on his teams, both on the court to his teammates and off the court to the media.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Walker had a revealing interview with Zach Lowe that taught us, among other things, that he remembers every detail of his last dunk in a game, that Al Jefferson needs some fashion help and that Dessagna Diop was his best friend on a fun (Walker's words, not mine) 7-59 Bobcats team.

First, let's start with that last fact. How could the team with the worst winning percentage in NBA history be considered fun?

It is interesting to hear that take on the season. Many people would surely not use the word "fun" to describe that year that most would rather forget. but most did not get to interact daily with the players on that team and see what the chemistry was like. Walker goes on to mention how he and Diop grew close that season and keep in touch even today. Walker even visited Diop during the team's recent trip to Dallas.

Speaking of this season, Walker has become a big fan of the team's new offense, which should also not surprise anyone. Who doesn't like their new offensive attack?

Lowe later notifies Walker of a few interesting analytic stats — that the combination of he, Al Jefferson and Cody Zeller has led to "ugly" numbers and what Walker's numbers in clutch time (shot attempts in the last minute of close games when the score is within two points either way) the last three years. Walker has taken the most such shots over that time, much to the point guard's surprise, and has shot 17-of-56 in such situations — not great, but not far from the league average, as Lowe points out.

There are many other good sections to point out — Walker talking about his improved defense, if there was a rivalry between UConn's men's and women's basketball teams and an impressive photographic memory of his last dunk (video included) in a NBA game (something which he says he will never try again) — but mentioning them all here would take away from Lowe's fantastic interview.

We will end on a very high note that helps show how closely knit this team is and that if you want, you can send Jefferson some department store gift cards for Christmas, because apparently he needs fashion help.

Save him, Kemba. Save Big Al before he becomes Tracy McGrady.