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Charlotte Hornets links of the week

Here are your top five links related to the Charlotte Hornets from this past week!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are playing really good basketball as of late, which makes for some good vibes around the internet. Here are your top five links of the week!

1. In his second piece since his return to ESPN, Zach Lowe did an awesome Q&A with Hornets' starting point guard, Kemba Walker. They talked about Kemba's rookie season where the Hornets went 7-59, fashion, and why Kemba probably won't ever dunk again. It's cool to see Kemba be transparent and honest about his own game and the horrible season his team endured during his rookie year.

2. The always great Rick Bonnell over at the Charlotte Observer wrote a piece on Frank Kaminsky's expanding role within the team. At first, he was only getting spot minutes, but now he figures to be one of the key big rotation players. His ability to spread the floor and be a playmaker for his size gives the Hornets another weapon at their disposal.

3. Staying with the Charlotte Observer, Molly Grantham wrote about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist being born prematurely. "It's weird. It's actually crazy. I was always really tall but I was born smaller than everyone else," said Kidd-Gilchrist in the interview. Michael also went and visited families of children that were born prematurely, showing once again how awesome of a guy he truly is. Also, this is just another indicator of how Kidd-Gilchrist is overcoming his speech problems, feeling open enough to talk about something personal like this.

4. Kenny Ducey of Sports Illustrated went in depth about Nicolas Batum and his new role with the Hornets. Batum has been nothing short of awesome so far for Charlotte, and Ducey does a great job of showing why Batum has helped Charlotte's offense become solid.

5. Finally, here is a gallery of photos from an event Steve Clifford put on for 100 local basketball coaches. It's always an awesome thing seeing people of that platform give back to the community that they are in, and Clifford taking time during the busyness of a basketball season shows a lot about his character as a person.