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Charlotte Hornets vs Cleveland Cavaliers preview and game info

Who: Charlotte Hornets vs Cleveland Cavaliers
When: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Time Warner Cable Arena
How: Fox Sports Southeast, WFNZ 610 AM

Jason Miller/Getty Images

It has been almost six years since the last time LeBron James lost to a Charlotte NBA team. Since then, he's taken his talents to South Beach, won two NBA championship titles with the Miami Heat and swept the last ever Bobcats team in the first round of the playoffs before returning to Cleveland two seasons ago.

The settings of Charlotte's last win against James almost seem incomprehensible. It was an exciting Bobcats debut for Tyrus Thomas, who put up six points, 12 rebounds and nine blocks off the bench. A young pup named Gerald Henderson played less than two minutes. Only four of the Bobcats who played that night are still in the league and none of them have remained with the franchise.

After seeing the Heat demolish some especially bad Charlotte teams, the playing field can finally be called somewhat even. Despite injuries the Cavaliers are third in offensive efficiency behind James and a rejuvenated Kevin Love. The Hornets, however, are just a spot below them and look quite brisk following two major fourth quarter comebacks.

Three key aspects:

Our wings could get bullied by LeBron James in the post. P.J. Hairston has to put up one heck of a defensive performance in his minutes.

The Cavaliers are forced to play small lineups more than usual with Timofey Mozgov out. Can the Frank Kaminsky and Cody Zeller duo withstand Cleveland's devastating small-ball units, and will they even be given the chance to do so?

Winning this game would be oh so sweet. It would break the LeBron-streak, put us one game behind the conference-leading Cavaliers and let us continue riding these great home-stay vibes.