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Al Jefferson finds beauty in no long playoff runs on Open Floor podcast

The Hornets' center also goes in depth on who he emulates his post game after, the toughest defenders he has faced and his thoughts on the new offense.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated released his latest Open Floor podcast Tuesday, this week's episode includes a 20-minute conversation with Charlotte Hornets center Al Jefferson.

Mannix and Jefferson focus a lot on the lost art of the low post game, discussing which players Big Al has learned the most from (spoiler: it's Hakeem Olajuwon and Tim Duncan - the smartest player he's ever played against), the toughest defenders he has faced (which includes former Charlotte great Brendan Haywood)  and why it is a good thing he has not been on any deep postseason runs yet.

There is also an interesting conversation on what the center has learned from owner and former guard Michael Jordan when it comes to the low post game.

"The one thing about MJ, the things he always gave me advice about on the block, was about reading the defense," Jefferson said. "Sometimes I find myself thinking too much on the offensive end, because the double team comes in sometimes, or sometimes they act like they’ll come, and sometimes they won’t come at all. He always tells me how to read the defense and when to be able to go, and understand when you can’t go, when you got to make the pass to your teammates, and when you go attack."

The interview with Jefferson begins around the 13:30 mark, for those who want to skip to the good part.