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Charlotte Hornets vs Chicago Bulls GameThread

The Hornets hope –– again –– to get their first win of the new season against the Bulls at home. Can they pull it off?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets (0-3) are playing the Chicago Bulls (3-1) in North Carolina tonight, and boy, do they need a win.

The Hornets' three losses were mostly admirable efforts against better teams, and they deserve credit for making smart plays and, for the most part, never giving up. Unfortunately for them, results ultimately matter more than the process, and at some point the Hornets need to start winning. Y'know, if the playoffs are still the goal.

Luckily, we're only four games into an 82-game season, so there's plenty of time to catch up. But with each loss, the margin for error gets smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until it's simply too late to come back and the playoffs are a pipe dream.

The Bulls are very good. Winning tonight, even at home, won't be easy for the Hornets. But they're certainly capable of pulling out a win. And hey, good news. It sounds like Cody Zeller is available tonight. Glad he's feeling better.

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