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Charlotte Hornets at Dallas Mavericks gamethread

The Hornets travel to Dallas to start off a west coast road trip.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well nobody ever said schedules had to start off easy. The Charlotte Hornets didn't have a single game against a weak opponent to open their season, and now they head out on a west coast road trip. That trip begins tonight when they play the Dallas Mavericks.

Of all the games Charlotte will play on this road trip this one is arguably one of the "easier" ones they'll have. The Mavericks years of ignoring the draft, and striking out in free agency, is starting to bite them in the rear due to age. Their best players are all either past their prime, injured, or coming off an injury. That said, they have an incredible coach in Rick Carlisle, and he will always have his players prepared on a nightly basis. As such, the Hornets can't sleep on this game even if their opponent appears to be having a down season.

We hope you enjoy somewhat late start times, because the next few Hornets games all start at 8 p.m. or later! Brew up some coffee if needed, because Hornets basketball starts now!