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Charlotte Hornets fall to San Antonio Spurs 94-114

A promising night turned into an ugly one real quick, as the Hornets get stung in San Antonio, 114-94.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The  Charlotte Hornets went on the road to face the San Antonio Spurs, where a third quarter run by the Spurs put them in the lead for good, beating the Hornets 114-94.

The Hornets started off extremely strong, led by Kemba Walker's 12 first quarter points. He was the only player keeping the Hornets afloat, as the bench came in and struggled yet again, allowing the Spurs to take a 29-21 lead at the end of the first quarter.

After the lead got as big as 11, the Hornets were able to battle back and make it a close affair. Al Jefferson started doing his thing in the post, able to score a few times on the block against the All-Star Spurs frontcourt. By halftime, the Hornets had cut the lead to four, 51-47 led by Kemba Walker's 16 points.

The Hornets came out in a flurry of points the second half, grabbing the lead from the Spurs. Kemba continued his ridiculous performance, putting up 8 points in the quarter. The Hornets had a two point lead until late in the third quarter, the Spurs decide to do normal Spurs things and went on an insane 22-3 run to end the quarter. The Hornets trailed going into the fourth quarter, 93-76.

The fourth didn't present much better for the Hornets. The bench continued to struggle and allowed the Spurs to push their lead well past twenty at some points during the quarter. Despite the promising first hafl and start of the third quarter, Charlotte falls in San Antonio with a final score of 114-94. Kemba Walker finished with 27 points on 11-15 shooting. Al Jefferson added 13 points and seven rebounds for the Hornets. Outside of Kemba and Al - who combined to shoot 17-26 - the Hornets shot an abysmal 17-46 from the field. They also had just 15 assists while turning the ball over 15 times.

The Hornets are now 2-4 with their next matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday. Coach Steve Clifford and the coaching staff need to figure the defense out some time soon, otherwise it will be a long season on that end for Charlotte, no matter how good the offense is.