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Charlotte Hornets links of the week!

Hornets links are what make the world go 'round.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

First up this week is one of my favorite things in sports: professional athletes on podcasts. Al Jefferson went on SI's Open Floor podcast with Chris Mannix to talk about a variety of things including the evolution of his masterful post game. It's always enlightening to hear players' own perceptions about their game. I petition to get the rest of the Hornets roster on Open Floor starting with Frank Kaminsky.

Bradford Doolittle at ESPN ranked all 30 NBA point guards by looking at performance and incorporating various advanced metrics such as wins above replacement player (WARP) and real-plus minus (RPM). I'll go ahead and spoil where Kemba Walker lands for those who don't have ESPN Insider. He falls near the middle of the pack at number 16. He's sandwiched right between Pelican's point guard Jrue Holiday at number 15 and Boston Celtic's guard Marcus Smart at 17. Walker is also three spots above Derrick Rose who is placed at number 19.

Next up is a great article about Jeremy Lin from Ananth Pandian at CBS Sports. The article talks about how Lin is embracing his new role in Charlotte, and how he may have found his place with the Hornets. The piece is chock full of quotes that continues to establish that Jeremy Lin is an awesome teammate. Every NBA team needs a guy as likable and selfless as Jeremy Lin.

Shaun Powell at wrote about how the Hornets' are still looking for that franchise player. Missing out on Anthony Davis, not being able to sign Gordon Hayward from the Jazz, and the loss of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are all mentioned. Luck has never exactly been on the Hornets' side, and going on 11 eleven years the team is still searching for that game-changing player. Lets hope they find it.

A Senate report released a few days ago found the Hornets as one of the 50 American sports team that received money from the Department of Defense in exchange for tributes to the military. The team essentially said it was not sure why it was in the report, and the money was used for military recruiting at Hornets' games.