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Hive Talk Live: Bought in and "Bee"lieving

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The Hornets end November with ten wins and are shooting up national power rankings, can they sustain this early success?

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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Guest host Nata Edwards from WFNZ 610 the Fan's The Call Up and The Mic Check Podcast joins as our guest host. We'll recap an uncharacteristically low-scoring week for the Charlotte Hornets and give you an update and analysis on the status of Al Jefferson who suffered a strained right calf in Sunday's contest against the Milwaukee Bucks.


  • Is Kemba Walker playing at an All-Star level will we finally see it continue for more than one month?
  • Nata and I discuss Hornets fans' desire (obsession?) for Steph Curry to return to Charlotte.
  • Nick Denning joins with NBA picks and we power rank the top three Hornets players in the month of November.