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Saturday Sit-Down: Bees, bees, everywhere!

After thee straight dominating wins over good teams is it time to start asking, "Why not the Hornets?"

What makes a team dominant? We've seen one of the most dominant teams in NBA history in the Golden State Warriors. But the Charlotte Hornets are displaying their own brand of dominance over the past three games. Kemba Walker and Nic Batum are putting together seasons worthy of All-Star consideration. Cody Zeller is taking to his new role as a center and opening up facets of his game that fans have never seen. The second unit has been not only an asset but a weapon that head coach Steve Clifford is actively using to disrupt and affect the way teams want to use their own rotations. Listen for a deeper look into what is making the Charlotte Hornets dominant early this season.


  • Thoughts on the Al Jefferson suspension, an examination of on/off statistics.
  • Frank Kaminsky has been getting more minutes. What are those minutes telling us?
  • A preview of the Hornets Saturday night matchup against a good Boston Celtics team.