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Charlotte Hornets Links of the Week!

Here is another freshly cooked batch of five Charlotte Hornets links from around the world wide web!

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It's everybody's favorite time of the week! The Charlotte Hornets are rolling and sitting pretty in the Eastern Conference standings. The vibes are still high and there are lots of good things to say about the Hornets this past week.

Patrick Bedford of gave some quick hits on a lot of the story lines and reasons that the Hornets have turned their season around from last year. Some of the key things included Batum's increased offensive load with the Hornets and PJ Hairston's improvement.

Over at, Riley Jones shows off some photos of Michael Jordan's new Charlotte Hornets Air Jordan sneakers that he may or may not put into production. If you're a sneaker head, these shoes will make you go crazy.

Once a month, the Hornets have honored a military veteran for their service during one of their home games. This past week, the team honored Jeremy Hetrick during their game against the Boston Celtics. Recipients of this Yellow Ribbon Award receive five tickets to the game for themselves and their family, a check for $1,000, and an introduction to Charlotte Bridge Home, an organization that transitions veterans into civilian life. This is one awesome thing that the Hornets are doing this season in addition to the on court success.

Jack Flagler of the Gaston Gazette talked about the current situation and state of the Charlotte Hornets franchise this season. In it, he goes down the road of how things can play out for the Hornets should they either continue their success or fall off the map. Hopefully, things turn out like the former.

At Bleacher Report, Grant Hughes did the Wednesday NBA Roundup centered on the Charlotte Hornets and their season. He went more in depth on what lies ahead for the Hornets after the season if they continue this success. He also hit on some of the things that are making the team click on both ends as well.