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Saturday Sit-Down: Tis the season for trading and winning

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The weather is changing almost as much as Dwight Howard's mood about Houston. It's trade season! Will the Hornets be involved once again or, for once, stand pat?

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Today's Saturday Sit-Down is a two-part special. In part one, I talk with Dustin Phifer about the win over Toronto and whether or not the Hornets start is a mirror into the future or a mirage. PLUS, I preview Saturday night's matchup against the Washington Wizards with Bullets Forever writer, Jake Whitacre.

In part two, I dive head first and early into a deep discussion on the beginning of NBA trade season and how the Charlotte Hornets will factor in with our own Austin Peters. Read his great trade season primer for more. PLUS we discuss one name that could be a perfect fit in teal and purple that NO ONE has talked about.