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Charlotte Hornets fall to Golden State Warriors 116-99

Stephen Curry lit the earth on fire and dropped 40 points on the Charlotte Hornets to continue their quest towards perfection.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

This game was an absolute shootout from the beginning. Klay Thompson scored the first seven points for the Warriors, and it was off from there. Both teams came out and played with pace. The Warrior's came out and passed with purpose and played their game. Finding open three point shooters and passing well out of the high post. Klay Thompson in particular was bombing threes in the first. Benefitting from the good passing from Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. Green in particular collected an impressive nine assists. He was making it look easy out there. Nicolas Batum and Jeremy Lamb lead the scoring for the Charlotte Hornets. Kemba Walker struggled to find his shot in the first half missing four shots in the first quarter. The Hornets' kept the Warriors lead to just nine points into the second.

The Warriors reserves kept up the scoring into the second until the starters returned to bring the terror. The noteworthy Hornets' were Nicolas Batum who continued his steady scoring throughout the quarter. Spencer Hawes came off the bench and gathered six points off some really nice post moves. Kemba continued his struggle with another four missed field goals. The first half was just the warm up for the real show in the third quarter.

STEPH CURRY LIT THE HORNETS ON FIRE. This is the only way I can really describe it. The reigning MVP put up 28 points off shots that the average human could not make in 1000 attempts. The reigning MVP ended the quarter with 40 points in a stretch that was just mesmerizing. Walker got it going, and Lamb and Batum put up some good numbers, but in the end it didn't matter after Curry's performance. It should be noted Frank Kaminsky did put a career high 16 points and the team didn't completely collapse without Al Jefferson.

The Hornets battled back with in 15 in the fourth but it just didn't matter after Steph's monster quarter. Steph certainly put a damper on Dell Curry's night, and the Warriors machine continued its streak pushing it to 20-0.