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Charlotte Hornets Links of the Week!

Here is another freshly cooked batch of Charlotte Hornets links from around the world wide web!

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The best time of the week during the best time of the year! The Charlotte Hornets are still sitting in a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference but have fallen back after disappointing losses on the road in Orlando and Washington. The week also gave us a thrilling overtime win against Toronto and plenty to talk about as usual.

Recently, the unofficial start of trade season began, inspiring several pieces about the prospects of Charlotte's future possibilities. Hive Talk Live discussed the looming trade season during this holiday season on their Saturday sit-down. Austin Peters joined the air waves to discuss his tremendous trade season primer.

Chris Barnewall followed up with his own thoughts on Charlotte and the possible acquisitions they could make down the road. It includes asking the interesting question - do the Hornets even need to make a move?

Al Jefferson's name has been thrown into conversation for several different reasons over the past few weeks. His injury combined with his suspension quickly put him into headlines but with trade rumors heating up, could Big Al be on the move? He is set to return to active duty soon after serving his suspension. The Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell looked at what could be next for Jefferson as he tackles Al's trade possibilities, his remaining time as a Hornet should he stick around and if he will be a part of this team after the season.

With Jefferson sidelined, Charlotte hasn't missed a beat. How much credit does head coach Steve Clifford deserve for the Hornets' surprising start this season? He'll be mentioned in most coach of the year discussions. We asked our roundtable if Clifford should win that award if the season ended today.

One of our newest writers made a big splash this week when he dove into one of Charlotte's most consistent players this year. Marvin Williams has been just a different athlete to begin the 2015-16 season, from providing team stability to demanding he guard DeMar DeRozan in final minutes of Charlotte's recent win over the RaptorsReinis Lacis took a look at what has made Williams such a solid player thus far.

P.J. Hairston is in the midst of one his best stretches of his career but with the bench brigade, mainly Jeremy Lamb, playing so well, questions about the second-year player's starting role have begun to pile up. Why was he starting? Why isn't Lamb starting over him? Hairston has quieted his critics recently but Bonnell took a look at Hairston's role as did our Nick Denning here.

And get in the holiday spirit by looking at this glorious view.