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Boston Celtics at Charlotte Hornets notes and observations

Chalk it up to the Hornets just being ready for the holidays.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets played a quarter and a half of inspired basketball as four Boston Celtics went on to score 18 or more. Unable to rally from a slow start, the Hornets continued their recent skid, dropping their second game to the Celtics, at home, in as many weeks.

The Slump Continues

The Hornets were outperformed in essentially every important category of basketball: shooting, rebounding, assists, points in the paint, fast break points, turnovers, you name it. They've lost last their last three, five of their last six, and all against very average competition. Hopefully these two losses won't come back to haunt the Hornets when the playoff seeding comes around.

The Tank Rolls On

For the second game in a row Frank Kaminsky showed how much he's improved since the start of the year. He didn't shoot particularly well, but he used his patented slow-mo spin dribble to perfection, stretched the defense, made good cuts, and was even robbed of a fantastic and-1 down the stretch due to a dreadful offensive foul call by the officials. By the way, who would've thought this time last year that the tall, slow guy from Wisconsin would be effectively guarding guys like Jae Crowder off the dribble? Well done, Tank.

Honestly, Who Knew Kelly Olynyk Could Do That?

20 points and 9 rebounds on 7-10 shooting, and this:

Jeremy Lin's Hair

The no-spikes style choice for tonight's game was un-watchable. I think we have every reason to believe it's affecting his, and possibly the team's play. But seriously Jeremy, we love the spikes!