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Charlotte Hornets announce Greensboro Swarm as NBA D-League team

The Hornets announced the name of their D-League team, and it's buzzworthy.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Greensboro Swarm is the name of the Charlotte Hornets' NBA D-League affiliate, the team announced today.

The Hornets chose Greensboro as the place the team would play in late October, but decided to hold off on naming and branding the team. A few weeks later, we discovered that the Hornets were deciding between Attack, Buzz, and Swarm, but the team remained silent on what its plans were. We didn't hear a peep for over a month.

So there you have it, your Greensboro Swarm!

Definitely the best of the three.

The Swarm won't actually play a game until next fall, and team president Steve Swetoha has yet to begin hiring coaches and fleshing out his front office. Expansion drafts are usually in late August or early September, so that's probably the earliest we'll begin to see the Hornets' roster take shape, too.

For now, it's just a matter of building the foundation of a successful development team. Many teams have begun using the D-League expertly as both a development and scouting tool, with the Toronto Raptors standing as a prime example. The Raptors have assigned five players from their roster to their D-League team, Raptors 905, and frequently send players down for one- or two-game stints to ensure their prospects get adequate playing time. If the Hornets can achieve that sort of fluidity with their own roster, their strategy of building through the draft will benefit greatly.

How do you like the new name?