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Charlotte Hornets at Chicago Bulls gamethread

The Hornets take on the Bulls in another game without Big Al.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are probably looking forward to this game against the Chicago Bulls after the whooping they took against the Golden State Warriors. Chicago's offense might have gone through some changes now that their coach is Fred Hoiberg, but it's not the flying metal death machine that is the Warriors. Golden State makes good teams look bad, and most of what we've seen from Charlotte this year tells us they're a good team.

The Hornets will be without Al Jefferson again which will make this an interesting game for Charlotte. So far their sample size of this roster without Big Al is one game where they got ruined by an incredibly good team, and now they play a team where having a big man is usually a good thing. Joakim Noah might not be his previous All-NBA self, and Pau Gasol isn't young anymore, but their skill can still be a problem.

There's a lot of fun matchups in this one, and it should be an exciting game.