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Charlotte Hornets stat of the week: Points per possession off screens

The Charlotte Hornets are the best team in the league at scoring off of screens by a considerable margin. How are they doing it? A lot of help from the new guys.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

As the NBA trends towards faster paced play and the possessions increase, the best way to determine the best offenses is to look at their points per possessions. Points per possession takes into consideration pace of team in order to focus on how each team does per possession that they are on the floor. It's better than just straight up points per game because some teams won't score as much as others due to the sheer fact of playing slower.

The Charlotte Hornets have had a lot of buzz surrounding their offense this year, which ranks second in the league in points per possession according to Synergy Sports. One thing in particular that stands out in Synergy's database is that the Hornets are by far the best team in the league at scoring coming off of screens. The Hornets are scoring 1.22 points per possession, while the next closest team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, are scoring 1.13 points per possession.

The Hornets upgraded their perimeter shooting this year with the offseason additions of Nicolas Batum, Jeremy Lamb, and Jeremy Lin. Those guys have all given the team a much needed boost from three and the case of Batum and Lin, some playmaking as well. Shooting off of screens is a lot of harder than just regularly spotting up, however. It requires perfect footwork and concentration as you're coming on the move around a screen.

Those three players specifically have all been great shooting off of screens. Batum and Lamb are both shooting above 50 percent in this category and Lin is shooting 45.5 percent. Jeremy Lamb especially is great at coming around screens and shooting. His emergence as a go-to scorer for the Hornets bench has been tremendous for them this year. They love running him off of a double staggered screen to get him an open look from time to time.

The thing that has helped Lamb take that next step is that he has added some nice pieces to his game. If a defender stays on his hip, he will come around those double screens and use that momentum to get in the lane and finish. He has a nice floater now that helps him finish over the defense as well.

Some right handed shooters have a tendency to go left a lot, and both Batum and Lamb have shown that quite a bit. They have still been nice additions, especially given the versatility that they've been able to showcase offensively. Shooting while coming off of screens is what separates the good shooters from the great shooters, and the Hornets are lucky enough to have added three guys who do it very well.