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Hive Talk Live: GodZeller vs. Mothra

Cody Zeller is seizing his opportunity to start in place of the injured Al Jefferson. What factors are leading to his sudden improvements on offense and defense?

DON'T FEAR...David Walker re-joins us next week, but we have a great guest host tonight. Justin Thomas covers the team for ESPN 730am and is just as impressed with Cody Zeller and the suddenly physical Charlotte Hornets as we are. We'll hop in the somewhat-back machine and recap the last three games.


  • We preview the week ahead for the Hornets, who get an anticipated rematch with the Miami Heat and play a reinvigorated Memphis Grizzlies team.
  • Nick Denning joins to explain why he picked the Hornets over the Warriors and jinxed the team.
  • Why doe sit feel like the Hornets offense is still being underrated?