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Is the perfect player for the Hornets sitting in free agency?

There is a future Hall of Famer with an excellent shooting stroke just sitting on his couch right now.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that the Charlotte Hornets' offense is....well, offensive right now. A big reason for the team's struggles is that they lack a sharpshooter of any kind really from 3-point land. The Hornets lack among the bottom four in the league in 3-pointers made, attempted and percentage (and are last in 3-point percentage, shooting just 30.6 percent from deep).

For an offense that was supposedly built this off-season on being able to spread the floor and give Al Jefferson room to work inside, that is beyond awful.

The team has been trying hard to find ways to fix this, including trading for Mo Williams and reportedly looking at trades for Joe Johnson.

But what if there was already a very viable solution to the Hornets' problem out there, sitting around in free agency? Such an answer exists, and his name is Ray Allen.

Remember him? The future Hall of Famer who will go down as one of the best shooters in league history? Everyone has forgotten about him because he is seemingly pulling a Roy Oswalt and signing with a team after All-Star Weekend.

Ray Allen brings to the Hornets everything they are lacking — a solid 3-point shooting threat who is especially deadly from the corners and has plenty of playoff experience. We all remember this:

Just look at his numbers — his career-low 3PT% is 35.6 percent. To put that in perspective, Brian Roberts has the best 3PT% on the Hornets this year (min. 25 attempts). He is shooting 34.1 percent from deep.

Just look at his shot chart from last season, and tell me he would not be beneficial for the Hornets.

And for those worried about Allen's defense, think about this: with the Heat last season, Allen had a DWAR of 1.5, on par to Lance Stephenson this season and would tie place him with Stephenson for fifth-best DWAR on the Hornets.

You can't, because he would be perfect for the team. The problem becomes getting him to sign with the team.

Because Allen has been holding out for half the season, he can sign with whatever team he wants. Someone in Allen's position will want to sign with a team that has a good chance to win the NBA title this season, which does not describe the Hornets this year. Among the teams reportedly in on Allen: the Wizards, Cavaliers, Warriors, HeatSpurs, Clippers and Hawks. That is a pretty tough list for Charlotte to compete with.

Ray Allen would be perfect for the Hornets. Unfortunately, it is just as unlikely that Allen would sign with the team. Then again, Allen's agent says that his client has neither made up his mind on where will he go, if he does return to the NBA at all. Hornets fans can dream.