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Who would win an all-time Charlotte Hornets 3-point contest?

If we held a fantasy All-Star weekend and brought together the greatest deep threats in Charlotte basketball history, who would take home the crown?

Would Glen Rice's All-Star Game experience help him win an all-time Charlotte 3-point competition?
Would Glen Rice's All-Star Game experience help him win an all-time Charlotte 3-point competition?
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

One of the staples of the NBA's All-Star weekend has been the 3-point competition. Bringing together the best sharpshooters the Association has to offer has long been one of the best parts of the All-Star festivities, and this year's competition looks like it could be one of the best the league has seen in a long time.

With all of that in mind, we thought who would win a 3-point contest between the biggest deep threats that the Charlotte basketball franchises (Hornets and Bobcats) have to offer?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2015 Charlotte Horncats 3-Point Challenge!

Rules of this contest work just like the current 3-point competition. From

In the two-round competition, five shooting locations are positioned around the 3-point arc. Four of the racks contain four orange balls (each worth one point) and one multi-colored "money" ball (worth two points). The fifth rack will be a special "all money ball" rack, which each participant can place at any of the five shooting locations. Every ball on this rack will be worth two points. The players have one minute to shoot as many as the 25 balls as they can. The three competitors with the highest scores in the first round advance to the championship round.

First, let's start with those who just missed the cut.

Stephen Jackson

Captain Jack was never one to shy away from shooting 3s — he is 10th all-time in franchise history in 3-pointers attempted and holds the record for eighth- and ninth-most 3-pointers attempted in a single season. Unfortunately, he made just over a third of his attempts. That's not good enough to make the final cut.

Walter Hermann

Fun fact: Did you know that Walter Hermann has the third-highest 3-point percentage in Charlotte basketball history? Also, I just had to find a way to include this photo. We will always love you, Fabio.

Kemba Walker

The current face of the franchise already ranks fifth in Charlotte history in 3-pointers made and attempted. But his career 32.2% clip from 3 ultimately kept him out of the field.

Raymond Felton

Felton ranks high among the franchise's 3-points made (fourth) and attempted (second), but shot better than 36% from deep just once in his five-year stay with the then-Bobcats.

Hershey Hawkins

He only spent two seasons in the Queen City, and shot 33.2% from deep in his first season here. But his second season saw him finish shooting 44% from deep, a career-best and second-best in a season in Horncat history.

And now, onto the eight men competing for the title of 'Biggest 3-Point Threat in Charlotte Basketball History!'

Dell Curry

A favorite to win the competition, Curry's name is written all over Charlotte's record books, including most 3-pointers made (929) and attempted (2294) — both nearly double that of the second-place player on the list. The Hornets' television color commentator has three of the top ten 3-point shooting performances in a season in Charlotte history (based on 3-point percentage) and has participated in the NBA's 3-point competition twice.

Glen Rice

Glen Rice is probably the second-biggest favorite to win. Like Curry, he made his living beyond the arc, and it shows. He is second in Charlotte history in 3-pointers made, second in 3-point percentage, third in 3s attempted and the 47% he shot from deep during the 1996-97 season ranks as the highest in a single season in franchise history. In addition, he took part in three 3-point competitions and All-Star Games, winning the ASG's MVP award in 1997. (Fun fact: according to his Wikipedia page, Rice currently works as a mixed martial arts fight promoter and owner of G-Force Fights.

Jason Richardson

While most may remember J-Rich for his outstanding displays in the Slam Dunk competition, fans in Charlotte know that the shooting guard had a penchant for shooting early and often. One of the streakiest scorers in Bobcat history, Richardson is seventh in franchise history in 3-point percentage and ninth in 3-pointers made, and holds the record for most 3-pointers made (243) and attempted (599) in a single season.

Matt Carroll

Matt Carroll was signed by the then-Charlotte Bobcats for one reason and one reason only: he could shoot 3s. And boy, could he shoot them well. The Hornets' current radio color commentator ranks seventh in franchise history in 3-pointers made and attempted, and the 43.6% clip he shot during the 2007-08 remains as one of the best in franchise history (fourth-best actually).

David Wesley

A personal favorite of mine growing up, David Wesley is third in franchise history in 3-pointers made and attempted and had a penchant for hitting the 3 in clutch situations (or so the nine-year-old in me chooses to remember. Don't argue with him).

Baron Davis

A fan favorite during his stay in the Queen City, the first man to make headbands in Charlotte cool showed he had a solid stroke from beyond the arc. He sits eighth in franchise history for 3s made and attempted, while his 2001-02 meant his 3s made (170, fourth-most) and attempted (478, second-most) would live on in record books for years to come.

D.J. Augustin

His time in Charlotte is not remembered fondly by most, but while he was here, he was one of the better 3-point threats the team had to offer. He is sixth in Horncat history in 3-pointers made and attempted and had the third-best 3-point shooting season (percentage-wise) by a Charlotte player in 2008-09, when he shot 43.9% from deep.

Jason Kapono

Remember him? Kapono may have only spent one season in Charlotte, but his 41.2% accuracy from the land of plenty ranks him sixth in franchise history.

First Round

No major surprises here, as Dell Curry and Glen Rice ease their way to finals, while Jason Richardson gets streaky late to just overtake D.J. Augustin's strong first round showing to advance to the finals.

1. Dell Curry

2. Glen Rice

3. Jason Richardson

4. D.J. Augustin

5. Matt Carroll

6. Jason Kapono

7. Baron Davis

8. David Wesley


Jason Richardson continues to ride his hot streak as he puts up an impressive score that Glen Rice cannot match, despite his best efforts. All the pressure comes down to Dell Curry, who just beats out Richardson on the final rack.

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner and new 'Biggest 3-Point Threat in Charlotte Basketball History,' Mr. Dell Curry!

1. Dell Curry

2. Jason Richardson

3. Glen Rice