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QUICKCAP: Charlotte Hornets lose to Dallas Mavericks 81-92

The Hornets just couldn't keep up with the Mavericks.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was just one of those nights where the Hornets couldn't keep up with what their opponent. The Dallas Mavericks are a playoff team out west and everybody knew a win for the Hornets was unlikely, but if Charlotte kept it competitive they might have a chance. Well the Hornets kept it competitive for most of the game, but in the end the Mavericks pulled away and the Hornets were left behind in the losers column.

The main reason the Hornets couldn't keep up with the Mavericks was because their offense couldn't do enough to make up for when the defense failed. Even with a top 10 defense, a team as deadly on the offensive side of the ball as Dallas are going to get their points. There's no way to keep a great offense under wraps for too long, and Charlotte offense had to step up. Tonight, they didn't step up, and the Mavericks won the game.

Event though the offense struggled all night there were still some positives. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist continues to get more comfortable on the offensive end, taking 13 shots, and showing that aggressiveness that has everybody excited about him. He only managed to get 11 points, but the aggressiveness is more important than the actual production at this point of his development.

Mo Williams continues to show promise as a solid backup point guard. He was gunning a little too much and not spending enough time looking to create for others, but that won't have as much of a negative effect when Kemba Walker returns and Williams minutes are reduced.

Outside of those two, the box score shows an offensive disaster for the Hornets. Everybody shot poorly and the Mavericks defense showed why Charlotte has the second worst offense in the NBA. If Charlotte is going to win games like this then their offense is going to have to step up, or their defense's effort will always be in vain. It doesn't matter how competitive the game is if getting a basket seems almost impossible every other possession.