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Charlotte Hornets at Chicago Bulls Preview

The Hornets travel to Chicago to take on a Bulls team now missing Derrick Rose.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

When: 8:00 PM

Where: United Center

TV: Fox Sports South, Comcast Sports Network Chicago

The Charlotte Hornets are on the road tonight, and they play the Chicago Bulls. Neither team has really lived up to the pre-season expectations they had set for themselves, and tonight will be an interesting matchup in that sense. There's also the injuries to both teams, and their similar play styles that must be taken in to account as well.

Lets start off with the elephant (Bulls?) in the room. Derrick Rose is injured yet again, and it's more sad than shocking at this point. Late last night it was revealed that Rose had suffered a tear to his meniscus and would have surgery to repair or remove the meniscus. The lone brightside is that a meniscus is relatively easy to tear compared to other parts of the knee, but if it has to be removed then this is obviously more severe than minor cartilage tearing.

The Bulls are a different team without Rose, but lets not pretend that they're playing well this season with him. Chicago entered the season with pre-season expectations of title contention in a year where the East looked wide open. Instead, their usual top notch defense has been inconsistent, and that has clearly effected the team. They've become one of the 10 most efficient offenses playing that ugly basketball they're so well known for, but the defense regressing to above average has pulled the them down to above average instead of title contention.

That ugly brand of basketball is what makes tonight intriguing, because Chicago is almost like a better version of the Hornets. An injured, defense first, team that hasn't met their pre-season expectations. The Hornets also play an ugly brand of basketball, but their offense is far worse, yet the Hornets actually have a better defense coming in to tonight.

It won't be pretty to watch, but Charlotte has a chance tonight thanks to a superior defense, but as usual their offense is what will win or lose the game. Chicago, even without Rose, still has the better team.