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Charlotte Hornets at Chicago Bulls Gamethread

Hornets at Bulls! Lets watch some ugly basketball!

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Ohhhhh yesssssss this is the game masochists have been waiting for all season. Who wants to watch one of the top NBA defenses take on an offense that, while efficient, might be one of the ugliest in the NBA? Those that like that kind of thing that's who! I know that personally I can get behind a game like this every once in awhile. It's awful, ugly, terrible basketball, and that in a way makes it funny. It's like a game of trying to figure out how the game can get any worse.

As for the actual game itself well the Hornets have a decent chance of winning tonight. They have a great defense that can match up to the Bulls offense, and sadly Derrick Rose won't be playing tonight so there goes a little bit of excitement. What fans lose in excitement however the Hornets gain in advantage, because the Bulls just aren't the same team without Rose.

So sit down, have a drink, eat some food, and lets chat Hornets.