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Charlotte Hornets vs Washington Wizards Gamethread

The Hornets look to make it two straight against the Wizards tonight.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It hasn't been long since these two met up, and it was so fun the first time they decided to do it again! The Hornets managed to pull off a victory last time, and they're looking make it two straight over their division rivals.

Before getting into the game itself, lets take a moment to look at how ridiculous the NBA schedule can be sometimes. These two teams played each other on Monday, in Washington, and the Hornets won. Following that game the Hornets have yet to play at all. Meanwhile, Washington had to play Atlanta last night, and are on a back to back on the road to play the same team they played on Monday. Meanwhile, the Hornets get a two day break to play the same team they played on Monday. It's not uncommon to play the same team twice in a row like this, but usually both teams have the same amount of rest in between.

Anyways, the Hornets should win this game for schedule reasons alone. They won last time, and that was on the road with a rested Wizards team. Of course, the NBA is weird which means the Hornets will probably lose in blowout fashion because...reasons.

So lets sit down, have some drinks, maybe eat some pizza, and chat Hornets!