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Buzz Around The Web: Everything is Awesome edition

Included: Meet Elliot Williams, love for MKG, and reasons why we watch every player in the NBA

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a Charlotte Hornets fan, chances are this is you right now.

Everything is awesome

And why wouldn't you be? The Hornets have the fourth-best record in the NBA since the start of 2015 at 12-4, the team has won five games in a row (the majority of which came with star Kemba Walker) and Charlotte just took back-to-back games against the Washington Wizards, the third-best team in the Eastern Conference.

Everything is awesome.

And the Hornets are beginning to get some positive press for all their hard work.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in particular has received a lot of positive praise this week. First, the big boys at SB Nation named MKG to their Film Room All-Stars team. The list recognizes "the NBA's top unsung heroes, a group of players flying under the radar, but still making a considerable impact for their teams." That description perfectly applies to MKG, someone who may not blow you away with his box score number, but will with his hustle and determination.

Kidd-Gilchrist is also beginning to receive attention from more notable sources. Sports Illustrated writer Lee Jenkins wrote a magnificent piece on the small forward and the struggles he has had redeveloping his jump shot and overcoming his stutter. If you haven't read it yet, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Moving on from MKG, At The Hivers Nick Denning and Frank Berndt took part in a podcast over at the Lottery Mafia talking about the Hornets, Walker's injury, Noah Vonleh and who the team could/should pursue in the 2015 offseason (because it is never too early to start looking ahead, right guys?).

Next, let us heap some praise on Al Jefferson. While Big Al has not been the force he was a year ago, he has proven to be a clutch commodity when the shot clock is running low. Included in this piece is a 1:50 highlight reel of Jefferson's "slippery post moves," better known as what any child should watch if they want to develop a good post game.

In case you somehow missed it, Charlotte added a new guard to their roster. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Elliot Williams.  You can read more about the former Duke guard and learn about his D-League averages here. To give you an idea of how good Williams was while playing in the NBADL, he was named an NBADL All-Star the same day that he signed a ten-day deal with Charlotte.

We end this week on a humorous note. Our friends at Hardwood Paroxysm put together a list of why you would want to watch all 400+ players in the Association today. Among the things you will learn from reading this article, this fun fact on Cody Zeller: "If you start with the opening tip on Opening Night, watching at 12x speed, his entire season syncs up perfectly with The Who album, Quadrophenia." The line on Gary Neal is also a pretty good one.

Until next time, keep buzzin'!