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Charlotte Hornets at Philadelphia 76ers Preview

The Hornets take on the Sixers in a battle of the NBA's two worst offenses.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports gonna be ugly, but not for the reasons most Charlotte Hornets fans will think.

Common consensus for tonight's game is that the Hornets should roll the Philadelphia 76ers with relative ease. The Sixers are notorious for putting together a roster that can't win games, trading away multiple talented players for scraps, and it's all in an attempt to build through the draft. Opinions on the strategy will vary, but there's no denying that they're successfully achieving their goal of being bad.

Yet, the Sixers are one of the more competitive bad teams in the NBA. Philadelphia doesn't win very often, but they're not getting blown out on a nightly basis, and that's thanks to a pesky defense that can give a lot of NBA teams fits. In fact, if the Sixers didn't have the NBA's worst offense they might actually be a pretty decent basketball team.

Don't the Sixers remind Hornets fans of another team in the NBA? Someone that relies on their defense to get them through games, but would be a much better team if they could just score? It should sound very familiar, because that description fits the Hornets perfectly.

Tonight's game is going to be ugly, because these are the two worst offenses in the NBA. The Hornets have an offensive rating of 98.1, and the Sixers have a rating of 91.7. Obviously there's a very large gap between the two offenses, but the Hornets still can't score consistently and that's a problem.

Offensive weaknesses aside, the Hornets have the best defense in the entire NBA since January 1st, and they should be able to handle the Sixers. But, if Charlotte sleeps on Philadelphia's defense then this could be a lot closer than the Hornets would like.