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Charlotte Hornets at Philadelphia 76ers Gamethread

The Hornets and Sixers have the two worst offenses in the NBA, and they're playing tonight!

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Gonna be honest with you all, nobody will think any less of you if you choose to not watch this game. It's gonna be ugly, and it could very well be bad.

The Hornets and 76ers enter tonight's matchup with the two worst offenses in the NBA. The Hornets sport an offensive rating of 98.1, while the Sixers are entering with a rating of 91.7. The Hornets turn the ball over the least among any team in the NBA, and the Sixers turn the ball over more than anybody in the NBA so that gives the Hornets their single offensive edge. Neither team scores very efficiently so the Hornets will need any edge they can get.

Even with all the scoring problems it's hard not see the Hornets winning this game. They have the NBA's best defense in 2015, and the Sixers have the NBA's worst offense. The Hornets have won 12 of their last 15, and are playing some great basketbal. The Sixers are tanking.

Sit down, have a beverage, maybe eat some food with that beverage, and lets chat Hornets.