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Indiana Pacers at Charlotte Hornets Gamethread

The Hornets try to bounce back against the Pacers on a back to back.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Hornets take on an up and down Pacers squad. Unfortunately for Charlotte they will be without Michael Kidd-Gilchrit and that makes a whole lot of difference.

In games without MKG, this season, the Hornets are 3-11, and their defense falls off a cliff. Ever since MKG's return the Charlotte defense has steadily returned to form, and not only are the Hornets a top 10 defense again, but they've been the best defense in the NBA since January 1st.

The Hornets also have going against them that tonight is a back to back. Although they're .500 in back to backs, it can't be overlooked that facing a team with rest, even at home, is more difficult than one without rest.

One thing Charlotte does have going for them is the Pacers have been playing some pretty bad basketball lately. The wear and tear of the season has caused Indiana to be less competitive than they were earlier in the season.

So sit down, have a beverage, eat some food, and enjoy a battle between the third and 2nd worst offenses in the NBA. Lets chat Hornets!