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Charlotte Hornets vs Chicago Bulls preview

Slug fest round two!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

When: 7:00 PM

Where: Time Warner Cable Arena

TV: Fox Sports South, WPWR, League Pass

It hasn't been that long since the Charlotte Hornets and Chicago Bulls last slugged it out, and tonight the two will be going at it once again. Like last time it's going to be ugly with the Bulls playing an ugly offensive style, and the Hornets defense wanting to make sure they stick to that ugly style. It will be interesting to see if Charlotte is able to pull away from Chicago like they did last time, or if Chicago has been able to adjust with the loss of Derrick Rose and get things back on track.

Right now, the Hornets are looking to just play well enough for the rest of the year to reach the playoffs, but to do that they're going to need to not lose to teams like the Sacramento Kings (which they just did) and pull off a few big wins against teams like the Chicago Bulls. The Hornets are going to play the Bulls three more times this year so they're gonna need to find a way to beat them sooner rather than later.

The Bulls on the other hand are just trying to hold on to an upper spot in the Eastern Conference, and play at the level they were expected to be at this season. Even before the injury to Rose the Bulls trademark defense has been a shell of what it once was, and even though they have a top 10 offense it's still painful to watch and prone to rough spots.

Watch tonight's game at your own risk, but considering play styles, the Hornets should have a chance to pull out a win. It's silly to say it's a must win this early in the season, but after losing to the Kings it might as well be considering how tight the playoff race is getting.