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Charlotte Hornets at Utah Jazz Gamethread

Hornets at Jazz tonight! Cody Zeller out and Big Al is back!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Charlotte Hornets try to get their week off on the right foot. They went .500 during last week's set of games and while that was good enough to get them in the playoffs it wasn't good enough to do them any better than 8th. Meanwhile, the Utah Jazz playoff hopes are pretty much over, but they're finishing the season strong. They're the best defense in the NBA since the All-Star break, and are creating a lot to build on for next season.

But that's not what Charlotte fans really care about right now. They're more interested in how wild the Eastern Conference playoff race is getting right now. To start things off, the Pacers are currently down single digits to the Toronto Raptors, and if that result holds then a Charlotte win will put the Hornets in sole possession of 7th in the East. A loss could have Charlotte tumble as far as 10th if both the Boston Celtics (who are currently putting a beat down on the Philadelphia 76ers), and Miami Heat (currently playing Cleveland tough on ESPN) win.

It's getting wacky in the eastern conference but all the Hornets need to do is win. They have general control over their own destiny at the moment and there's no better position to be in than that.