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Charlotte Hornets at Los Angeles Clippers gamethread

The Hornets and Clippers play tonight and oh god what's this bad feeling in my stomach?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

So the Los Angeles Clippers huh? That's who the Charlotte Hornets get to play one day after their worst loss of the season at the hands of the Utah Jazz? I guess if there's one positive to the change in teams it's that they're no longer playing the best defense in the NBA (since the All-Star Break) and instead they're playing a title contender! Oh wait, that doesn't sound good at all.

Injury updates are still a thing and it's looking like Cody Zeller will miss tonight's game as well. No surprise since it's unlikely there have been any major changes to his health since last night. Get well soon Zeller, because the Hornets could really use a fully healthy roster for once.

On the Clippers side they'll be without Matt Barnes, and Hedo Turkoglu will be starting in his place, in 2015 no less! What a world! Oh and there's this guy called Blake Griffin that LAC is trying to get back in to their system after he missed a large amount of time, in February.

So tonight might get ugly, but let's hope the Hornets keep it interesting so we don't regret staying up for this one.