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Charlotte Hornets at Sacramento Kings gamethread

The Hornets take on the Kings for the second and final time this season.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets take on the Kings tonight for the second and final time this season. Last time the Hornets lost in embarrasing fashion at home to a team they should have beaten. Now with the Hornets sitting at 10th in the East a win is more important than ever.

Charlotte isn't quite at must win territory yet, but they're in a situation where they can't afford very many more losses. The Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers, and Miami Heat are all playing some great basketball right now. The odd team out is Charlotte. The Hornets are wildly inconsistent and very streaky making it difficult to pick them over the Pacers defense, the Celtics hot streak, or the Heat's experience. The Pacers might even have Paul George back soon and they're thinking of trying to jump all the way up to 6th place.

In more Hornets related news, tonight Kemba Walker re-enters the starting lineup and Cody Zeller returns from injury. Zeller will immediately re-enter the starting lineup and for the first time awhile Charlotte is playing with a fully healthy starting lineup. How this contributes to their play is unsure. Players need time to re-adjust to each other, but the Hornets don't really have time to spare.