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Hornets vs Hawks GameThread

The Hornets are praying for a win against the Hawks tonight with the playoffs slowly slipping out of reach.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are not winning right now and currently sit eleventh in the Eastern Conference. And with just 11 games left on their schedule to make up 1.5 wins over the eighth seeded Boston Celtics, the Hornets desperately need to start winning.

Unfortunately, they're playing the red-hot Atlanta Hawks tonight. Some feel the Hawks are overachieving, but they're not. They are legitimately very good and one of the few teams in the Eastern Conference that seem like serious contenders.

The Hornets have been ravaged by injuries all season, and now with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist out — the Hornets' best player — the season may be slipping away, and the playoffs may be a distant dream lost to the reality of professional basketball.

Either way, this game (and the other 10 remaining games) are must-watches. Hop into the comments section and let's talk Hornets!