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Charlotte Hornets playoff standings update: Hornets lose tiebreaker to Boston Celtics

With the season coming to a close, the playoff standings are starting to get close. As a result, here are some updates.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Starting tonight there will be playoff standing updates after games until the Charlotte Hornets either clinch, or are eliminated, from the playoff standings. These will be updates on how the Hornets most recent results effects them in tiebreakers, standings, etc.

Tonight, the Hornets lost to the Boston Celtics and this had a massive impact on their playoff hopes. The result didn't have any effect on where they currently sit in the standings as they are still 11th, but the loss has given the tiebreaker to the Celtics should the two team's finish the season with the same record. That's now two playoff hopeful teams the Hornets have given up their tiebreaker to. The Brooklyn Nets, currently sitting one spot out of the playoffs,  also own a tiebreaker over the Hornets.

However, despite every reason to say the Hornets are dead, they are still only a game and a half out of the playoffs and a late season run could be just what they need to get themselves back in it. This is the East after all.