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Charlotte Hornets vs Toronto Raptors Gamethread

The Hornets take on the Raptors in a matchup that always seems to be a fun one.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

For quite awhile now the matchup between the Hornets and Raptors has always been one of the more fun ones during Charlotte's season. The two more often than not go down to the wire and they feature some real dramatics. Like this Kemba Walker game winner from last season.

There have been many more great battles between the two clubs, but that's the one that everybody remembers the most. It had all the pieces of a great game with both teams looking even throughout, the game going in to overtime, and then being finished off with a game winner. If we're lucky we'll get another memorable performance tonight.

Something to think about during tonight's game. The Hornets are back in playoff standing, and everybody around them is starting to look very banged up, or overmatched. Tonight would be a good chance for the Hornets to create some distance between them and other hopefuls for the 8th or 7th seed.