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Charlotte Hornets vs Washington Wizards Gamethread

The Hornets have another big game against the Wizards tonight. Actually, at this point they're all big games.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It really feels like the Hornets were just in this situation yesterday. Oh right, that's cause they were. It's an Eastern Conference match up and the Hornets need a win to keep themselves in a favorable position while their opponent, this time the Wizards, need a win as well. However, unlike the Pistons last night, the Wizards are already well into the playoffs and it's unlikely they don't make it at this point. However, they've been on a major slide for awhile now and have fallen all the way to 5th in the East. Not ideal for Washington.

This is however an ideal matchup for Charlotte. The Hornets, the last couple years, have played well against the Wizards and that's largely due to a handful of playstyle, and matchups, going in the Hornets favor. However, even though the Hornets won the last two times this pairing has met up, does not make this a gimme by any means. As usual, the Hornets will need a complete performance if they're going to win tonight.

So sit down, have a drink, and lets chat Hornets.