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Michael Jordan comes out of retirement again

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan has decided to lace it up once more.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets have struggled all season long and Monday night's loss to the Boston Celtics was just their latest. With an injury to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Lance Stephenson receiving a Did Not Play-Coach's Decision in addition to offensive struggles that have consistently plagued the team all season, it's quite obvious this team needs a shot in the arm.

How bout an all-time legend coming out of retirement?

In a statement released today, Hornets owner Michael Jordan announced he's lacing up his sneakers once again to help push the Hornets to the playoffs.

"I just feel that I can help the team win right now. We're obviously very injured and scoring has been a problem. Have you seen all my scoring titles? And I can fit right in to where Kidd-Gilchrist was since he's out with injury."

Perhaps Jordan is frustrated on spending his money on a team that has so far not worked out for the Hornets in any form? Either way, the player many have deemed the Greatest Of All Time is back and he's going to try and lead Charlotte to the playoffs, and then the championship!

However, not everybody on the team is happy with MJ's return. A few anonymous players had comments that would probably not sit well with their new teammate.

"It's kind of awkward after that time I lost in a one on one match against him. I pretty clearly threw the game since he's my boss and all, but it looks like it went to his head a little. Wait are you recording!?"

"He literally drafted me because I played well in the NCAA Tournament. Got called to his office one day and he started showing me clips from his UNC days. It was kind of weird."

"He won't stop calling me Dikembe Mutumbo. I get it we have long names, block shots, and deep voices, but he might be the worst person with names ever."

When reached for comment Steve Clifford had this to say. "He definitely has the pedigree of a great player, and we're gonna have to find a way to work him in." He then let out a deep sigh and said that MJ will be starting at Small Forward tonight.